Daniel J Christiano, PhD
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Dr. Daniel Christiano, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Christiano received his BA Psychology and his MS Counseling from Canisius College, Buffalo, NY. He received a doctoral fellowship from Arizona State University and completed his Ph.D. Counseling Psychology. Prior to his doctoral studies, he was a certified teacher, counselor, and school psychologist. More recently, he has been a clinical consultant to area adolescent and adult treatment facilities.

As a psychologist, he served as Clinical Director of both adolescent and children's treatment programs at St. Luke's Behavioral Health Center and Westbridge Center for Children. While there, Dr. Christiano developed the first inpatient adolescent chemical dependency program in Phoenix, Arizona. It was also there that Dr. Christiano conceptualized and implemented an interactive parenting program, a Consulting Psychologist at Desert Samaritan Behavioral Health Center, and School Psychologist in the Gilbert, Arizona Public School District.

His specialized training includes both developmental counseling and assessment as well as organizational development and consultation. Dr. Christiano's doctoral internship experience included each of these areas as well as supervised training experience in employee assistance, where he worked with chemically dependent patients and their families. he focuses on brief therapy within an eclectic treatment approach and developmental framework for all age clients.

Recently, he taught graduate courses in Educational Psychology and Educational Research Department at Northern Arizona University. 

Dr. Christiano received the 2018 Top Doctor Award for Child and Forensic Psychologist in Arizona (Patient Reviews Certified).

Dr. Christiano and his wife have had a cabin in The White Mountains for several years and are now permanent residents. 

Individual and family therapy rates are available. 


Daniel J. Christiano, PhD

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